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Design reliability and stability for your rugged solutions in extreme conditions


Design reliability and stability for your rugged solutions in extreme conditions


When it comes to mission-critical applications such as mission-critical, aviation, and transportation, industrial computers face extreme environments and challenging weather conditions. They must operate stably and reliably to prevent equipment loss or catastrophic failure. To meet these critical requirements, DFI offers a rugged industrial-grade product line supporting an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, fanless cooling, high durability, and extended lifecycle. DFI is proud to have received IPC’s highest QML certification for high reliability and manufacturing-process consistency. To support resistance to humidity, dust, and high altitudes, DFI works with partners to offer conformal coating (parylene). We also have experience in helping customers implement Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT), including temperature, vibration, and humidity stress testing, to uncover operational vulnerabilities during the design phase. 


Industrial Motherboards

Protection Against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

DFI Industrial-grade motherboards raise the bar in terms of protecting customers’ devices, providing premiere electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for all I/O ports. In alignment with the IEC 61000-4-2 regulation by the IEC Association, over 8,000 volts of electricity are used to verify that DFI’s product will not be affected by an ESD event and will remain dependable even in uncontrolled circumstances. DFI leads the industry with strict ESD testing, including rigorous voltage and frequency testing, enabling the I/O ports to withstand a transient voltage of 8kV; unmatched by competitive offerings.


Conformal Coating Services for Challenging Environments

Across the globe and in countless applications, DFI’s products are expected to operate robustly, 24/7 in a range of environments. Our modules encounter different conditions such as moisture, salt, dust and chemical corrosion. Conformal coating is designed to protect high-performance modules in challenging environments. It protects circuits and components from abrasions or electrical short circuits, and increases MTBF. Conformal coating greatly increases equipment durability and reliability in outdoor applications such as in-vehicle computing and mission-critical applications.

Rugged Design with Extended-Temperature Support for Deeply Embedded Applications

Rapid temperature changes are a leading cause of system failures. Much industrial equipment must operate in extreme environments such as the polar region, in a mobile vehicle or outside in environments with extremely high or low temperatures. To function properly in challenging field applications, all systems and components need to be able to operate under a wide variety of environmental conditions. DFI offers modules based on the Intel® 7th Gen Core™ and Intel Atom® E3900 series, which are able to survive in the operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, addressing the demands of harsh environments. DFI’s fanless module designs are targeted at power-efficient systems that require higher MTBF. Leveraging DFI’s abilities in innovative design and manufacturing, System-On-Module products are the ideal solutions for many space-constrained and thermally challenged embedded applications.

Industrial Computers

Ruggedization for Harsh Environments

Equipment for heavy industrial applications must be able to survive in critical environments including extreme temperatures, rain, moisture, salt, fog, vibration, and shock. The embedded computers used in these environments must be designed to withstand these conditions. DFI’s embedded systems feature Intel Core/Atom processors, with fanless designs which support extended operating temperatures of -20°C to 70°C. These systems also offer high-performance computing capability, which enables and optimizes mission-critical data processing, acceleration and compression.

In addition, for rugged panel PC products, DFI provides customized IP6X-rated panels, protecting the system against splashing, rainwater, detergents and other fluids. Lastly, DFI’s rugged computers are designed with industrial-grade components from reliable motherboards to military-grade mechanical/ID customization design. With its flexible technologies and rugged platforms, DFI has a history of innovation and delivering custom rugged defense products that provide a competitive advantage and reduce time-to-deployment for systems integrators.

Testing and Verification for Critical Environments

DFI’s ruggedized embedded systems and panel PCs are designed with industrial-grade components, advanced thermal solutions, robust enclosure designs, extended power input voltage, and extended operating temperature support. Additionally, ruggedized products undergo multiple testing phases during the product development process to meet and comply with the specifications of mission-critical applications. DFI testing aims to validate designs in the harsh conditions characteristic of embedded applications. Testing includes shock, vibration, drop testing, humidity, electromagnetic disturbances, power, thermal shock, burn-in, performance testing, availability, and reliability.

DFI has a breadth of experience in implementing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) to characterize product operating limits, greatly reducing system and component testing/life cycle costs, and enhancing the reliability of critical system components. DFI’s versatile, ruggedized products are optimized for harsh conditions such as operation outdoors, heavy vehicles, and space-constrained applications.