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Software and Service

Software and Service | ODM | OS | BIOS Customization | Extended Warranty | Technical Support | DFI

Software and Service

Software and Service | ODM | OS | BIOS Customization | Extended Warranty | Technical Support | DFI

OS Customization Service

The DFI Customized Operating System offers you a choice of platforms including Windows OS Support, Linux OS Support, and embedded OS Support. To ensure the best possible service, the reference platform for prototype design can recommend the operating systems based on the selected motherboard. In addition, the hardware functions of the motherboard will be tested before OS image is released. For embedded OS Support platform, we provide customized OS image and flexible combination of peripheral specifications. All products can be expanded to accommodate specific I/O requirements for different applications. If the need for changing arises during the product service cycle, we will provide driver and function migration services.

ODM/OEM Service

With over 37-year of experiences in the IPC industry, DFI has the capability of offering excellent ODM/OEM services to customize our products. This service includes industrial motherboards, system-on-modules, industrial computers, and industrial displays to meet every customers’ requirements and save their cost with high performance. DFI is a turnkey manufacturer dedicated to design, manufacture, and manage. At the beginning of the products development process, DFI will discuss with customers and offer technical advices: customized design and prototyping, modular circuit design, BIOS/OS/firmware/software customization, mechanical/ID engineering, and system integration. DFI will also provide dedicated design review and signal Integrity & reliability test of products. In addition to strict design phase at the beginning, DFI has manufacturing sites in Taiwan and China with state of the art SMT assembly lines to accelerate product development as well as provide revision control, rigid inspection services, and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to guarantee product quality and shorten lead-time to market. From the planning stages of the project to after-sales support and global logistics services, DFI will ensure that all the stages are under the best quality management to benefit our customers all over the world. For more detailed information or related requirements, please email us via inquiry@dfi.com.

BIOS Customization Service

BIOS customization support is the critical factor that optimizes the compatibility and functional performance of devices. DFI BIOS Customization Services include Fast Boot, OEM Logo, LCD brightness control, optional ROM, multiple Super IOs, embedded controllers, and security features. DFI tailors BIOS settings for the requirements from customers of versatile applications, accelerating the project progress and decreasing design effort to achieve the time-to-market goal. One of our BIOS Customization Service is DFI BIOS Editor, in which system integrators can help directly connect to the online platform to modify the BIOS default settings (Set up default) or change the BIOS Logo pattern. Moreover, DFI BIOS Customization Services cover the following: ● Optimize the compatibility and performance of the embedded devices ● Reduce boot time in 2 seconds ● Protect form data encryption with storage security ● BIOS Editor for customers to change logo, install DMI information, and adjust BIOS settings

Software Customization Service

Software customization support can reduce significant cost in implementing projects and accelerate the development cycle. DFI supplies a wide range of software development tools for our customers, providing technical solutions to help them rapidly developing and analyzing their products. “Factory Auto Test” is a diagnostic program, supporting our customers to instantly test the functions whether are properly working from hardware platforms. “Firmware Update Tool” helps you easily upgrade the firmware. DFI EAPI Library Service provides a series of hardware communication with our hardware solutions. An excellent EAPI will help develop programs much easier. DFI uploads all the building blocks and protocols to this library, making it effortless for our customers while designing software applications. Besides, DFI VIP Ticket system is dedicated to our VIP customers to report and track problems directly on the online platform and reduce the time consumption by communicating with Email. Moreover, DFI Software Customization Services cover the following: ● Comprehensive high performance drivers and utilities for Windows/Linux platforms ● Complete EAPI library providing communicated interface with DFI hardware solutions ● Firmware update tool compatible with DFI hardware ● VIP Ticket real-time technical support platform

Design Manufacturing Service

DFI implements Total Quality Management (TQM) from design to production. For every project, there is a dedicated team that checks and verifies the circuit, layout, and components to ensure that every project is consistent in design and quality. DFI provides full-featured and sized embedded motherboards with a variety of peripheral modules such as M.2, PoE, COM and CAN Bus. All products have passed reliability tests, including high-speed signal test and strict endurance tests for extreme temperature, shock, and vibration to achieve stable operation in harsh environments. In addition, to best serve our customers’ needs, DFI is compliant with regulatory standards and internationally recognized certifications, including CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001, etc. No matter if your production is in small-volume or for large-variety, DFI can meet all your needs.

Reliable Technical Service

Reliability is DFI’s most consistent offer to our customers. Therefore, from the project’s kick-off to after-sales services, we have well-experienced engineers, technical PMs, and FAEs in the IPC industry input their technical suggestions to resolve customers’ questions at local technical support and on-site services, as well as provide online technical services any time to suit your real-time requirements. If you would like to request technical issues, please contact us at https://www.dfi.com/Contact/Support.

Extended Warranty

We protect your investment in DFI with standard 2 years warranty given at the time of purchase, and available to have extended warranty up to 5 years upon request according to each customer’s requirement. Extended warranty services will extend your product life cycle and technical service support with DFI’s long-term and reliable services. If you would like to request an extended warranty services, please contact your sales representative or email us via inquiry@dfi.com for the exact terms and conditions offered in your area.

Software and Service

DFI is committed to provide not only high-quality industrial hardware solutions, but also premium services from design to production, helping our customers optimizing the compatibility and functional performance of their devices in a wide range of applications.