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Single Board Computer & Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Embedded Motherboard

Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Embedded Motherboard

DFI's embedded industrial atx motherboard with high-classed longevity (ranging from ultra-small Pico-ITX to full-function industrial ATX motherboards) provide value-added services to a broad range of embedded applications based on cutting-edge platforms and technologies.

1.8" SBC

What is 1.8” Single Board Computer? The 1.8” Single Board Computer (SBC) is motherboard in an ultra-small and lightweight Pi size. DFI’s 1.8” SBC series is embedded with processors or APU in the x86 architecture to deliver robust power at a smaller footprint for Intelligent Edge Computing. 1.8” Single Board Computer in Edge AI  In the upcoming IoT era, edge applications will be even more ubiquitous and complex. This trend requires the edge devices to be equipped with better computing performance while reducing the size. To fulfill the upcoming trend, DFI’s 1.8” SBC series is tailored to simultaneously make edge applications smaller and provide high performance for data computing and graphic processing.   Industrial-grade 1.8” Single Board Computer DFI’s 1.8” SBC, featuring the x86 architecture at the Pi size, wins a name as “Industrial Pi”. Based on the industrial-grade Intel processors and AMD Ryzen APU, the Industrial Pi not only has the specification complying with industrial requirements, but also offers the product life cycle up to 15 years to ensure device operation and maintenance with seamless drivers, software and BIOS update. 1.8” Single Board Computer for Industrial Applications The high performance computing capability of DFI 1.8” SBC “Industrial Pi” is tailored for edge applications to be deployed in constraint spaces for long-term use, including:  Industrial Automation: Robotic Arms/ Automatic Mobile Robot (AMR)/ Facial Recognition/ Object Detection Security: Surveillance, Traffic Flow Analysis Digital Signage

2.5" Pico-ITX

DFI's Pico-ITX SBC board (100 x 72 mm) support low power consumption and fanless design with rich I/O connectivity in order to target space-limited embedded applications like site management and IoT gateway.

3.5" SBC

DFI’s 3.5" embedded SBC board (146 x 102 mm) is featured with rich I/O, and supports various internet connections. Extended operating temperature and wide input voltage range are industrial features that can meet most of industrial grade applications.

4" SBC

DFI’s 4" SBC board has a size of 165mm x 115mm. This proprietary form factor with rich I/O expansion capability and slim compact designs can serve the customer whose equipment is in a variety of critical applications.


DFI's PICMG 1.3 boards are built with versatile I/O ports and plenty of backplanes to achieve flexibility and expansion capability. With comprehensive backplane and high performance boards, DFI can offer a great solution for expandable industrial application.


Advantage of Mini-ITX motherboard The Mini-ITX motherboard is currently the most popular form factor among industries for it’s the smallest form factor (170mm x 170mm) providing PCIe x16 or MXM slots for GPU card expansion. With the rich I/O ports and interfaces that can swiftly fulfill diverse applications required by a wide range of industries, mini-ITX strikes a perfect balance of functionality and performance. Why DFI’s Mini-ITX motherboard DFI's embedded Mini-ITX motherboard has a small footprint (170mm x 170mm) and is designed with a variety of I/O connectors and flexible DC/ATX power input. For low power solutions, passive cooling is even available for users to enjoy an extended device lifespan. The compact and highly integrated Mini-ITX boards deliver high connectivity and scalability, and are thus always regarded as the ideal solution for AGV/AMR, KIOSK, digital signage and gaming. What makes DFI Mini-ITX Motherboard stand out? MXM Module Support: Leverage AI for Deep Learning The MXM module provides high-speed computing performance through a discrete GPU while reducing the size of the unit.  Featured products: CS181-H310 and CS181-Q370 Spectacular clarity and sensational visuals with four displays With up to 4 DP++ independent outputs at 4K 60Hz, DFI Mini-ITX motherboard presents each detail exquisitely for high resolution applications like stadium boards, billboards and other large digital signage applications.  Featured product: RNO171 Multiple specifications to meet the demand faster The Comprehensive and diverse specifications of DFI Mini-ITX have been winning users' preference on solution integration. Developers can easily find a cost-effective board with specs corresponding to the target developing solution.


What is a microATX Motherboard? Referred to as μATX, uATX or mATX motherboard measuring 244mm x 244mm (9.6" × 9.6") The advantages of DFI's microATX boards As several industries require high-performance computing and multi-tasking capabilities to control massive devices in the production line or display high-resolution medical images efficiently, sufficient ports/interfaces come with the motherboard is a must to connect with the required sensors and devices . DFI provides a comprehensive product line - DFI's microATX boards with several advantages including: high-performance  DFI’s completed product series with Intel 8th gen processors have the capability of delivering advanced 4K video experiences supported with resolution higher than 1080p and high quality UHD streaming media for applications such as digital signage, digital security, and surveillance. It is able to be perfectly fitted into different applications. cost-efficiency It's worth thinking about whether or not you need all the extras that come with a full-size ATX motherboard. Unless you're planning to load up on PCIe add-in cards, you'll likely find that a Micro ATX motherboard will have everything you need to complete your build while also costing a good deal less than an ATX board.  versatile I/O interfaces Our product series with 8th gen processors adopt the newest technology USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Gen2 to benefit data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps. It’s two times faster than USB 3.0. This enables rich I/Os and multiple expansions, making it an ideal solution for machine vision and industrial automation application. Applications of DFI’s microATX motherboards The high-performance computing compatibility of DFI’s micro-ATX motherboards can be applied in multiple industries that are suited ideally for cost sensitive applications such as: medical DFI has developed a range of embedded products to fit the diverse requirements of medical equipment including point-of-care terminals, patient monitoring systems, medical imaging nursing carts and portable diagnostic devices. Providing flexible, state-of-the-art embedded solutions for these devices is at the core of our business. industrial automation DFI’s complete embedded products are specially designed with industrial-grade components and 100% Japanese solid capacitors to ensure long product life cycles, capable of working in wide temperature ranges under harsh factory conditions. As you develop solutions to reap the benefits of automated manufacturing, DFI is an ideal partner to address all of your embedded processing system requirements. surveillance DFI's micro ATX products not only provide sufficient computing performance and PCIe slots to process large amounts of information in real-time, but it is also compatible with the legacy PCI slots to protect customers' past investments. It also provides riser cards that meet the mechanical space for customer needs, eliminating the cost of customizing brackets to ensure seamless 24/7 surveillance of facilities.


ATX motherboard - the backbone of High Performance Computing The ATX motherboards have been occupying the top place deployed in automation, especially for those high performance computing-required solutions. Besides the robust processors, the abundant expansions for memory and GPU also help boost the quality and speed in graphics analysis, which is exactly what the applications with heavy workloads, like defect inspection, medical imaging and smart diagnosis, are looking for. Features of DFI ATX motherboards DFI ATX (measuring 305mm x 244mm) embedded motherboards feature a high computing capability, rich I/O connectivity, high integration, and great expandability for graphics cards, motion control cards and memory. The robust processors and add-on powerful GPU make it an ideal solution for industrial automation and medical imaging, like machine vision, MRI and CT imaging that require reliability & add-on-card expansibility. Application types of DFI ATX motherboards DFI Server-grade ATX Motherboards for AOI & Medical Imaging Image quality and analysis are critical for AOI to fast and precisely detect the defects of products in semiconductor fabrication plants, or for CT or MRI images with high clarity to help doctors diagnose accurately. DFI server-grade ATX motherboards are tailored for applications that require high precision with no errors.  Featured products: SO630 ICX610-C621A PR611-C621 DFI ATX Motherboards for Industrial Automation Equipped with robust scalability in data and graphics compute performance, ATX motherboard empowers a wide range of industrial automation solutions, such as material feeding, component production and functional testing, and inspection for quality assurance, to ensure both the productivity and quality of the production lines. Featured products: CMS630-W480E/Q470E CMS631-C246 Legacy interfaces support with DFI ATX motherboards DFI ATX Motherboards with PCI Legacy Support The PCI interface was widely used in industrial equipment a couple of decades ago. To offer a cost-effective computer upgrade or repair plan in the equipment, DFI designs the ATX motherboards with the legacy PCI interface and makes the upgrade process ever fast and seamless. Featured products: CMS631-Q470E/H420E SO630 DFI ATX Motherboards with ISA Support For legacy peripherals or devices with the ISA interface (eg. modem or sound card), DFI ATX motherboards also offer ISA slots to update or replace the end-of-life compute center at a cost-effective integration. Besides, DFI also develops our proprietary software, BIOS and drivers to support the Windows 7 OS widely-used by ISA peripherals or devices. Featured products: CS620-H310


DFI’s extended ATX-motherboard (330mm x 305mm) is the industrial-grade server board that enables superior computing performance with high bandwidth interfaces built for embedded applications where highest-level performance is required.


DFI provides industrial peripherals that include riser cards, DC/DC converters, and proprietary expansion modules to add availability, scalability, and flexibility to customers’ solutions. From standard to custom designed products that cover a wide selection of expansion modules, DC/DC converters, and multiple riser cards, it is able to satisfy a full range of industrial requirements.