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Create the most incredible gaming experience that you will never forget


Create the most incredible gaming experience that you will never forget


With recent advances in technological innovation, the gambling, amusement, and gaming industries have experienced radical changes in how gaming machines are introduced to the market. In order to grow market share and profitability, gaming manufacturers are leaving behind mechanical reels and pull handles, in an effort to attract a more sophisticated, engaged, and diversified breed of player. Gaming manufacturers are incorporating TV and movie-industry content to enrich the gaming experience, and adding immersive 3D- and high-resolution graphics accompanied by multidimensional audio, interactive multi-touch displays, game-synced mood LED lightning, and more. Addressing these revolutionary changes, DFI offers the gaming-industry dedicated solutions including industrial motherboards, embedded systems, industrial panels, and more, for gaming applications such as slot machines, video lottery terminals, elite tournament gaming, AWP and SWP slot machines, arcade machines, information kiosks, and others.


Industrial Motherboards

Rich I/O Interfaces Empower Sophisticated Gaming Machines

Gaming has become a leading adopter of cutting-edge technologies featured by major silicon manufacturers (Intel/AMD/Freescale).  DFI brings these advanced features to market by providing products with multiple 4K video outputs, various high-speed USB ports, and highly flexible digital input/output for controlling buttons, lights, switches, and much more.

Unleashing High-Performance Gaming at Low Power

Leveraging the latest silicon manufacturing processes, DFI offers the performance required by demanding gaming customers. The extra performance is achieved by utilizing highly optimized and power-optimized chip designs without sacrificing design stability and life-cycle longevity.  Newer silicon fabrication processes reduce the product footprint, driving cost savings to the end-customer while achieving an enhanced gaming experience.


Revolutionary AMD Graphics Performance Boosts the Gaming Experience

Gaming manufacturers drive continued growth by focusing on performance and the gaming user experience.  By utilizing DFI’s COM Express Basic Type 6 with 2nd Gen AMD Embedded R-Series platform (BE960), manufacturers can create a superior game experience by delivering up to 66% more computing and 3D graphics performance compared to the previous generation technology. DFI’s COM Express modules are an ideal embedded board, requiring fixed baseboard connectivity, for high-end gaming applications, such as slot machines, arcade games, etc.

Ultra-Small Form Factor Modules Balance Performance and Power

As gaming manufacturers try to create innovative, sleek and powerful machines, ultra-small form factor products such as DFI’s Qseven modules, measuring only 70 x 70 mm in size, perfectly balance the requirements for performance, graphics, and low power consumption. These modules host the latest Intel Atom® E3900 series featuring brilliant computing and graphics processing capability, while only consuming 9W of power. Its high efficiency and compact form factor fits nicely in small gaming communication devices, media display controllers, and other similar products.