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Smart Solutions to Turn the Table Despite Adversities

Smart Solutions to Turn the Table Despite Adversities

DFInsight meetup

6/2/2020 10:30:49 PM

Anti-Pandemic Solutions

Thermography Solutions

Man-power Shortage: Measuring Temp and Security Check

In the battles against the COVID-19 pandemic, demands of screening devices and efforts are increasing. Also, more labor has been put into monitoring body temperatures of those at public entrances. To help lift off some of the burdens, DFI recently rolled out a new smart solution — the Centralized Smart Thermal Control System for smart entrance to automatically detect massive feverish people at the same time.

Multi-persons Detection to Optimize Traffic

In major transportation facilities such as airports, stations where there are multiple entrances, DFI also provides high end model. Multiple areas can be configured on the camera to simultaneously track each body temperature to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Easy Tracking of Feverish People

The system combines the thermal and IP cameras into one to synchronize both infrared and RGB footages. That way, snapshots of the feverish can be instantly marked with temperature readings and stored in the database by the system, which in the meantime also alerts the staff to take actions. Also, it integrates face recognition attendance system and database to track down the feverish people.

Extended Applications

The system will further be enriched technologies to fulfill the needs of comprehensive applications such as facial recognition for surveillance and fire protection engineering, and become a more robust safety net. The smart system does not solely assist the pandemic control as a short-term goal, but it aims to pave the way to a smart city in the long run.

Auto Thermal Screening & Access Control Powered by DFI High-End IPC

Detection, Recording, Alarm, Blocking Feverish People

The Centralized Smart Thermal Control System is based on the integration between hardware and software — DFI's high-performmance IPC and ioNetworks' signal capturing technologies — can tell the access control system to initiate a lockdown of an electronic entrance, deny the access, and block the feverish outside.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions, please feel free to download the related materials.

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Smart Factory

What If Your Business Can Not Just Get By?

The design of conventional factories where production units are highly single-purposed and rely on additional treatments has been gradually obsoleted by automation. Only by optimizing computing cores for the added services can the yield rate live up to the level of the AIoT future, which does not necessarily lead to a total makeover for the factories. The one major goal of DFI's AIoT solution is to cut the corners by adopting the latest computing platforms and software technologies seen in Smart Factories, all the while keeping your legacy production lines intact.

Bridge Legacy to the Future

Factories dread an upgrade not because the machines are worn, but because the renewed IPCs, OS environments, and software integrations lack backward compatibility. It's a valid concern, but it's not always true. DFI's IPC refresh plan combined with Intel hypervisors makes sure all the legacy configurations and data processing flows are migrated effortlessly. With legacies on board, the AIoT facets then come into play - now that new-gen computing resource is embedded, automated processes and intelligence can be implemented on top to further optimize manufacturing efficacy.

Less But More: Multi-Platform Consolidation

Defect rates of multiple machines on the product line may multiply due to their physical separation, and these machines based on separate OS environments may each require its own IPC, abusing synchronization and maintenance efforts. With DFI's computing excellence, these platforms can all be consolidated onto one single physical IPC using Intel ACRN™ Hypervisor VMware technology. By virtually dividing resources into multiple areas, different OS platforms are able to be simulated on one IPC to tackle multiple operations, for example, Robot ARM on RTOS, HMI on Windows, and AOI on Linux, breaking the boundaries between various purposes.

Machine Learning to Evolve

Facial recognition, object detection, and quality verification that base on machine vision rely not solely on hardware computing capacity such as CPU and GPU, but also on the integration with learning mechanisms. Conventional architectures of IPCs were not designed to tackle the hunger for machine learning in an AI future, not until the engines became market available, such as Intel's OpenVINO™ deep learning optimizer. The toolkit uses trained models to optimize hardware execution for syncing with specific frameworks used by different applications, pushing the curve of computer learning onto an exponential growth.

Intel-Endorsed Blueprint

In alignment with Intel's vision, DFI has been zoning in on designing comprehensive solutions that foresee AIoT and AI ubiquity. Since smartization of high-end factories is an inevitable future, IPC refresh and the incorporation of Intel's latest roll-outs will be one of the pillars in the success of Smart Factories.

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