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Power the entire world with secure and energy-efficient automation solutions


Power the entire world with secure and energy-efficient automation solutions


Many countries around the world are trying to develop environment-friendly renewable energy from solar, wind, ocean, etc. However, acquiring electricity from unpredictable natural sources while maintaining a stable power supply for cities is complex. Precise planning and investment in computing technology maximizes efficiency. Improving management, control, and monitoring of sophisticated power plant equipment and minimizing power loss requires seamless communication and high-speed data transfers between in-plant devices. The embedded systems and controllers that power instruments require a high level of scalability, stability, and performance to optimize operations. DFI’s embedded products with multiple form factors and system architectures provide ruggedness, high reliability, and flexibility for system integration as well as expandability to fulfill the diverse requirements of energy automation.


Industrial Motherboards

Guaranteed Reliability in Harsh Environments

Power plants utilize outdoor energy equipment, which is exposed to dust, moisture and other destructive chemicals. In these harsh environments, energy and power companies are seeking a highly reliable, industrial-grade motherboard designed with ruggedization technologies and rugged components that resist damage. Energy and power companies are turning to ruggedized, industrial-grade motherboards with protective coating technology to achieve higher levels of reliability. DFI’s industrial-grade motherboards are available with customized coating technology, such as parylene coating or conformal coating. These ruggedization technologies reduce the risk of failure that could potentially cause multiple billions of dollars in production losses.

Industrial Computers

Wireless Connectivity with Compact Design

To manage the consumption of electricity efficiently, the energy production field is leveraging IT technology to implement smart energy management. Energy management systems are not only appearing in homes, but also in small and large power plants seeking to achieve energy efficiency and conservation. Through cloud computing, data analysis, and smart embedded technologies, enterprises are able to make remote and real-time monitoring possible. DFI offers an array of compact embedded systems with seamless wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi/4G LTE), fully compatible with the Microsoft Azure platform, to easily build an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) network. This enables the energy management system, based on the network, to acquire energy consumption data, present real-time and historical data to operators, and improve power consumption efficiency.

Extended Temperature for Outdoor Applications

Energy systems often operate outdoors in harsh environments and utilize a minimal maintenance staff. In these critical working conditions, it is essential to ensure that energy equipment operates safely and reliably. Embedded computers, which serve as the main controllers of power and energy equipment such as lighting systems, substations, wind energy, electronic toll collection, and more, require extraordinary system reliability. For decades, DFI has been dedicated to developing reliable embedded solutions for the power and energy industries. DFI’s embedded box PCs and panel PCs offer optimal, ruggedized solutions for energy applications. They are equipped with enhanced, highly reliable system components, and fanless and cable-free designs. They also offer extended MTBF hours, IP65-rated protection and rugged system housings, supporting reliable data concentration in a -20 to 60°C operating temperature range, satisfying the most critical demands of the outdoor applications.