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Modular-Designed System EC500-CS Series | DFI

About Press Room Great Choice for AIoT: EC500-CS Series Modular-Designed System

Strong Candidate For AIoT

DFI’s EC500-CS series with 8th/9th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel®Q370 or H310 chipset provides high computing performance. With the modular-concept design and unlimited configurations, customized I/O and user own-made PCIe are all available, easily meeting custom specification requirements. Moreover, EC500-CS series are available for the Movidius AI accelerator card to satisfy high-performance AIoT applications including smart factory automation, machine vision, and AIO system.

Real-time M2M Communication Based on 5G

Deep learning requires a huge amount of image and data input to achieve smart automation and optimization, and the support for 5G endows EC500-CS series with a pair of wings to connect with massive devices and proceed with immediate data transmission and analysis. The multi-gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency of 5G strengthen the synergy of devices and make communications among a large scale of devices ever seamlessly and efficiently to respond in real-time to the dynamics at the edge.

The Least Effort for Monitoring

The onboard unique display port can automatically detect HDMI also DP++. With this convenient design, adapters become unnecessary and it also avoids unstable connections. Offering up to three independent displays, one system can easily fulfill industrial measurement and inspection.

Tolerated in Harsh Place

Operating stably under an extended temperature range from -20°C to 70°C, the EC500-CS series can survive in severe weather and harsh industrial environment.

Enhanced Security Protection

For defending equipment from external threats of security awareness, DFI’s motherboards are available with the advanced feature of iAMT 12.0 for remote management and repair systems. Aside from iAMT 12.0, EC500-CS series are supported with TPM 2.0 for protecting confidential data and improving system integrations.

100% In-house Boards

From design, development, to production, DFI’s motherboards follow the 100% in-house production principle, guaranteeing manufacture quality and information confidentiality. Developed on the basis of these boards and integrated into durable chassis, our embedded systems are also ensured by turnkey services and timely post-sales assistance.