RMA Services

Learn more about DFI's warranty policy and repair services

US RMA Workflow

DFI products are manufactured in accordance to the industry standard and warrants for twenty-four (24) months from the day of invoice issued. If the warranty claim is valid, DFI will repair or replace product(s) without additional charge for parts and labor. The warranty applies only to products manufactured and distributed by DFI and her subsidiaries.

Web RMA Link: https://dfiweb.dfi.com/

Process of returning product DFI-ITOX RMA

US RMA Repair Turnaround Time

Standard repair/replacement times are 2-4 weeks upon receipt of your unit in our system. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for the unit to be received in our system and 1 to 2 business days to be returned from our repair facility.

US RMA Contact Information

Address: 960 Riverside Parkway, Suite 10, West Sacramento, CA 95605, U.S.A
Email: RMA-USA@dfi.com
TEL: +1 (916) 378-4166

Product Warranty Period

Standard Warranty

Board and Module: 24 Months

Barebone System: 24 Months

None DFI manufactured products are under warrantee of their original manufacturer.

Extended Warranty

DFI can also offer extended 1/2/3-year warranty to DFI and none-DFI manufactured products. Please contact our sales team to have further information.

RMA Facility

DFI-ITOX RMA Work Facility 1 DFI-ITOX RMA Work Facility 2

RMA Policy

The detailed standard RMA Policy is as the link to download.

Local RMA Equipment

We have various tools our Service Dept and Test Lab for troubleshooting, repair or verification.

  1. Solder equipment, 3 types
  2. De-solder equipment, 2 types
  3. Solder pot, 2 types
  4. Electronic and regular magnifying equipment, 5x and 10x types, 3 sets
  5. Board dehumidifying chamber/oven
  6. Environmental test chamber
  7. BGA rework equipment, 2 sets
  8. Adjustable DC digital power supply
  9. Multimeters and oscilloscope
  10. Torque testers
  11. Thermal imaging camera
  12. IR thermometer
  13. Vernier calipers
  14. Multimedia display tester
  15. Sound level meter
  16. Power analyzer
  17. Hi-pot and ground continuity testers
  18. PC Doctor Service Center 8