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World's First! A Computer With Auto Warm-up? DFI 3.5” Desktop CS551 SBC Can Run Even At Subzero Temperatures

About Press Room World's First! A Computer With Auto Warm-up? DFI 3.5” Desktop CS551 Can Run Even At Subzero Temperatures

World’s First! 3.5” SBC Desktop Platform with Auto Warm-up

CS551 Drives AI in Snow

The CS551 is the world’s first compact-sized AI motherboard with auto warm-up function for processor to withstand the extreme cold weather at -30°C. The 3.5" SBC is powered by robust 8th Gen Intel Core i processors that support dynamic performance adjustment of CPU and GPU, high-speed image analysis and transmission, while obtaining all the expansion interfaces required for edge AI computing. The CS551 will bring a brand-new experience with smart edge computing and make your solution a pioneer as well!

High-Speed Data R/W With ECC Support

In addition to the powerful CPU, the CS551 is also designed with DDR4 RAM supporting up to 2666MHz 32GB high-speed reading/writing for smoother and more stable image analysis performance. The Intel C246 chipset further supports server-grade ECC function to automatically correct memory errors and prevent crashes, ensuring the correctness and completeness of the large scale of data in applications.

Fantastic Visual Performance

DFI’s completed product series with Intel 8th gen processors have the capability of delivering advanced 4K video experiences supported with resolution higher than 1080p and high quality UHD streaming media for applications such as digital signage, digital security, and surveillance.

Enhanced Security Protection

For defending equipment from external threats of security awareness, DFI’s motherboards are available with the advanced feature of iAMT 12.0 for remote management and repair of systems. Aside from iAMT 12.0, DFI’s motherboards are supported with TPM 2.0 for protecting confidential data and improving system integrations.

Smart Adjustment Of CPU/GPU

The CS551 breaks through the limitation of operating temperature up to 60°C supported by the processors, and extends it up to 80°C based on the desktop platform. When the workload of the processors reach a critical point, the CPU and GPU dynamically and intelligently adjust the resources for smooth computing rather than crashing due to overheating. That stabilizes the overall processing speed and achieves the best balance of performance, endurance, and heat dissipation, ensuring stable operation in high temperature regions for oil exploration, AI vision analysis and high density computing in power plant automation.

Challenge Extreme Weather Down to -30°C

Unlike ordinary desktop platforms, the CS551 is the first to use automatic warm-up to extend the operating limit of the processor down to -30°C. It easily solves the long-standing problems of damage and constraint on the automation equipment caused by the sudden extreme weather change events, and ensures the outdoor computing applications, such as traffic flow analysis, or unmanned transportation vehicles and robotic arms in cold warehouses, to operate stably even at extremely low temperatures.

2X Expansion

Unlike other 3.5" SBCs on the market with only M.2 2242 expansion support, the CS551 upgrades the expansion space to M.2 2280 size. A larger space means not only the compatibility with the M.2 2280 size only modules, but also more than 2 times increase of the storage space and I/O interfaces to support more applications.

Fanless/Fan Dual Cooling Support @80°C

Desktop platforms normally only support the operating environment up to 60°C, which usually use a cooler with fan for heat dissipation. Differently, the CS551 extends the operating temperature, and even provides another option with extended lifespan of the device – the fanless cooling system. With the heat sink, the heat generated by the processors while computing can be effectively dissipate, and ensures the outdoor smart devices (e.g., traffic analysis devices, smart stations…etc.) to run stably when exposed to direct sunlight during summer and heat waves.

Working with DFI

DFI’s Customization Services (DCS) comes with full support and industry expertise from a dedicated team to provide you exclusive services in design, production, warranty, repairs, and life cycle management. In order to make the project as easy as possible for you, DFI will closely work with you to learn your design requirements and offer real-time technical support as you develop the solution to reduce your development cost and effort.

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