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About Press Room How to Utilize Limited Space to Deliver Eye-Catching Information?

Release from Space Restriction – All-in-One Bar Type Panel PC

Based on Intel Pentium®/Celeron® Processor N3000 Series

Based on Intel Pentium®/Celeron® Processor N3000 series, DFI’s BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW all-in-one bar type panel PCs are equipped with a native masked and high-brightness display with a narrow black bezel, extensive I/O capabilities and anti-dust design. BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW bar type panel PCs completely meet crucial requirements within advertising, public transportation, and commercial buildings applications especially in constrained or atypical-shape spaces.

All-in-One Design Bar Type Panel PC

BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW all-in-one bar type panel PCs need less space with cableless connections, providing more easy-maintenance solutions for versatile applications.

Native Masked LCD

Unlike some products on the market that resize the 16:9 panels, DFI chooses to customized-mask panel to ensure the best quality and performance.

Sunlight Readable Display

Equipped with industrial display panel up to 1,500 nits brightness, BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW can provide brilliant colors and clarity even under brightly lit environments, which allows them to fully support indoor and outdoor applications.

Outstanding Performance in Every Environments

Under outdoor environments, the digital signage is surrounded by dust or moisture. To maintain a 24/7 stable operation, BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW features fanless design and IP65 front protection glass which could prevent the environmental factors from impacting the stability of the equipment.

100% In-house Boards

With in-house production, it is able to ease the control over manufacturing quality and protects from risk of fraud and confidentiality issues. BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW is developed based on 100% in-house DFI‘s industrial motherboard “BW551” series, ensuring high grade by all-in-one design and passes through comprehensive process of quality control.

Perfectly Ideal for Versatile Application

With the OS support, BPC370-BW and BPC420-BW bar type panel PC could perfectly provide no matter if it is vertical or horizontal installation. It offers great flexibility in retail, advertising, public transportation, commercial buildings, quick-service restaurants, and other applications.