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About Press Room DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level
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DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level|Press Room|DFI

DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level

2017/12/14 (UTC-6)

DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level

As the applications of edge computing become more diverse, the pursuit for performance is also increasing. Industries also start to focus on how to effectively manage edge devices and improve the efficiency of synergy between devices for real-time response to edge events. To fulfill these demands, DFI introduces the new-gen EHL series embedded computing solutions based on the ultra-low-power Intel® Atom™ x6000 SoCs that enhance the performance of edge computing and image processing by up to two times. Through the upgraded high-speed networks, all regional devices are connected to accelerate remote industrial control devices, Kiosk, medical monitoring, or mobile AGV/AMR to respond to edge events in real time, and make equipment management more intelligent and automated.


Faced with the increasing requirements of IoT networks for real-time responsiveness, power efficiency, and ambient temperature resilience at the edges, DFI has planned a series of EHL series industrial motherboards, computers on module, and fanless embedded systems with the built-in Intel® Atom™ x6000 processors. Besides having the boards in form factors ranging from SBC, Mini-ITX, to COM Express Compact and COM Express Mini, DFI also provides small industrial computers that can easily overcome environmental constraints on an IoT device deployment by operating efficiently at -40 to 85°C.


For real-time responsiveness of the edge devices, the speed of data transmission is critical. The EHL series upgrades the transfer speed of Atom platform to PCIe Gen3, delivering 8 GT/s per channel for high-speed data and images transfer and storage. In terms of inter-device data transfer, the network speed has also been significantly improved through the 2.5GLAN high-speed transmission as well as the latest wireless networks like 5G and Wifi 6 to provide more real-time and seamless services to the edge devices.


For the enhanced edge device manageability, the EHL series firstly supports vPro and AMT functions on Atom platform, which were only available on desktop and server platforms. With vPro and AMT, EHL series can not only monitor and manage remote devices via in-band signaling, but also automatically update, backup, and reboot the operating system through the out-of-band signaling when the operating system is down, reducing downtime and ensuring devices are running in optimal condition at all times.


DFI's new EHL series embedded computers provide a full range of IoT device management optimization, making the integration and collaboration between devices closer and in real-time. This brings an unprecedented smart and fast experience in edge device monitoring and update across applications like outdoor digital advertising, factory data collection and robotic arm, equipment control, fleet management, infotainment system in train and bus, medical robots, and smart energy.

Key features:

  • Based on ultra-low power Intel® Atom™ x6000 SoC
  • Support PCIe 3.0 on the Atom platform
  • Supports up to 3 x 4K displays
  • Supports 2.5G LAN, and wireless 5G and Wifi 6
  • Wide operating temperature support at -40 ~ +85°C for harsh environments
  • First introducing vPro and AMT OOB management on the Atom platform


Target Applications:

  • Smart factory
    • Intelligent Gateway
    • Robotic arm control
    • HMI
  • Transportation
    • Fleet management
    • In-vehicle infotainment System
  • Healthcare
    • Medical imaging
    • Remote medical monitoring
    • Medical robots
  • Retail
    • Digital signage
  • Energy
    • Substation gateway