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About Press Room Unbreakable ECX700-AL Dare to Challenge Outdoor Operation
Product News

Unbreakable ECX700-AL Dare to Challenge Outdoor Operation |Press Room|DFI

Unbreakable ECX700-AL Dare to Challenge Outdoor Operation

2020/12/15 (UTC-6)

Unbreakable ECX700-AL Dare to Challenge Outdoor Operation

Need a ruggedized x86 PC to compute at the edge 24/7 outdoor without any shelter? Wondering the case is too large when size does matter? DFI ECX700-AL dare to challenge outdoor operation and beats every factor that impacts performance and durability!
Climate change brings harsh conditions, the ability to withstand water and dust is often seen as an indicator of a rugged computer's ability to operate outdoors, and the wide temperature range plays a decisive factor to ensure a stable operation.

  • Even with a waterproof enclosure, the system might condense water inside because the outdoor temperature goes up and down dramatically.
  • While a system operates under the sun, once the outdoor temperature reaches 40° C, the system inside will run over 60° C easily.

Designed to counter these issues, ECX700-AL provides a smart vent to drain off water automatically. Also, white enclosure design and wide-temperature from -40 to 70° C allow the system to operate reliably under the sun and resists the heat.
To fulfill wireless transmission, an external SIM slot reduces the difficulties to change SIMs, and the high-gain antenna ensures the quality of the signal. Versatile I/O settings such as a combo port that supports 2 CANs and 2 COMs, and selective display ports (HDMI/VGA) help integrators meet the demand for various applications.
For scenarios rely on Windows ecosphere, the built-in powerful Intel Atom processor natively supports rich software frameworks, further reduces the possibility of performance loss, and makes software installation more flexible, with a very low integration threshold.


Key Features: 

  • Ruggedized, IP66 grade PC BOX 
  • Intel® Atom® Processor E3900 series
  • Smart Vent (drain off water automatically)
  • Communications (Wi-Fi/LTE/CANBUS)
  • Wide temperature: -40 to 70° C & Wide voltage: 9~36V
  • 4GB DDR3 onboard, 64G eMMC
  • Optional WiFi, LTE, CanBus 
  • BIOS with security boot

Outdoor IoT Edge Computing:
Data collection and transmission for Traffic management, Green energy facilities, Meteorological station, Shore facilities, High-altitude or High-latitude locations

Manufacturing facilities with high humidity and extreme temperature, such as refrigeration equipment.