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About Press Room DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard
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DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard|Press Room|DFI

DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard

2020/07/20 (UTC-6)

DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard

As Industrial IoT demands rise in recent decades, the number of connected IoT devices drastically grow. However, the personnel responsible for equipment maintenance cannot meet the growing numbers of IoT devices; additionally, unexpected factors occur, e.g. the global pandemic. It seems like it is harder to maintain and repair the equipment in a timely manner.

To tackle these challenges, DFI launches RemoGuard, a truly remote managing solution not only monitoring the equipment remotely, but activating OS recovery swiftly even if the OS in the machine has crashed. RemoGuard benefits from Innodisk's innoAge and out-of-band (OOB) technology, and can timely predict equipment status before its shutdown and efficiently activate OS auto-backup and recovery despite host crashes. Furthermore, the data of device health status are collected automatically to the cloud, and users can easily monitor all connected devices through a customizable UX dashboard.

Being fully automated and widespread, the point-of-sales applications, e.g. vending machines and self-kiosks, require an approach monitoring device status from any location. If those are shut down, not only will it require repair fees to fix the machine, but also will lose lots of transactions. It will incur additional traffic and labor costs to send technicians to fix these machines. RemoGuard ensures real-time updates and predictive maintenance preventing unexpected malfunctions and enabling OS recovery and auto-backup to reduce costly loss.

"Synergizing with Innodisk, an industrial SSD leader in the market, DFI launches RemoGuard, providing high-performance embedded solutions with an innovative remote management platform. It's an add-on service helping customers go through this hard time and looking into the prospective future of cooperation" said Steven Tsai, President of DFI.

"Working together with our AIoT ecosystem partner DFI on RemoGuard is a natural progression of Innodisk's long-term investments into AIoT and powerful software solutions," Randy Chien, President of Innodisk, said. "Innovative solutions like Innodisk's InnoAGE and DFI's RemoGuard can bring the future of edge computing to the present, and we couldn't ask for a better partner for this exciting journey."

RemoGuard is the revolutionary milestone of remote management solution. Designed to maximize efficiency in device operations, it overcomes the current challenges in Industry 4.0 and is a ready solution to manage your IoT network.

  • One-button Recovery even if the OS has crashed
  • Auto Back-Up & OS Recovery
  • Cloud Ready Security
  • Real-time Monitor & SSD Lifespan Prediction
  • With Innodisk’s innoAge and out-of-band (OOB)
  • Intuitive & Flexible Dashboard