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About Press Room DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard
Product News

DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard

2020/07/20 (UTC-6)

DFI Launches Future Advanced Remote Management Platform - RemoGuard

As the demand of Industrial IoT increasingly rise in recent decades, a number of connected IoT devices also has drastically grown and are widely deployed and located in different regions worldwide. However, despite that IoT devices are increasingly growing, the number of IT technicians are unable to meet the growing numbers of IoT devices, especially for those allocated in distant places. Furthermore, due to the impact of COVID-19 and the outcome of the pandemic quarantines and lockdowns globally, there are some distant areas where the service technicians cannot access and cannot frequently maintenance during this hard time. The cost of downtime is relatively increasing.

However, adopting a remote management platform system can efficiently solve the current problems. The system can provide operators with a clear overview and help predict the status of the equipment and activate remote backup and recovery. But these functions rely on the premise that the operating system (OS) is still running smoothly. If the equipment’s OS is down or has a malfunction, the equipment cannot be remotely managed. In these circumstances, the only solution is to send a technician on-site to repair it manually.

But DFI’s RemoGuard is different. It can support a truly remote management solution that can activate OS recovery remotely and timely even if the equipment is crashed down. Standing out in the market, DFI’s RemoGuard has benefited from having Innodisk’s innoAge and out-of-band (OOB) technology that can not only timely predict and diagnosis the status of equipment prior to its shut down, but also to remotely activate OS auto-backup seamless despite host failure and recover the host OS from crashes and resuscitate the host. Further, DFI’ s RemoGuard can swiftly be deployed in both on-site and cloud management, gathering sophisticated analysis from all IoT connected devices, allowing users to easily monitor device health status such as storage lifespan prediction, CPU temperature, fan speed, etc. through a customizable UX dashboard.

Those functions are especially required for point-of-sales applications since many point-of-sales machines are scattered in many distant places; and if those POS machines e.g. vending machines, ticket machine, self-kiosk, etc. shut down, it will lose lots of transactions and even the cost of replacement for crashed devices. Also, it’s hard to fix these machines due to the restricted access limitation during the time of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Nevertheless, DFI’s RemoGuard ensures that the remote operator can observe the real-time update and maintenance and prevent unsuspected malfunction as well as remotely enable OS recovery, OS backup, and reduce costly downtime.

“Synergy with Innodisk, an industrial SSD leader in the market, and DFI has launched RemoGuard. Providing not only high-performance embedded solutions, but also offering advanced remote management solution, an add-on service to customers help go through this hard time and to look into the prospective future of cooperation.” said Steven Tsai, President of DFI.

“Working together with our AIoT ecosystem partner DFI on RemoGuard is a natural progression of Innodisk’s long-term investments into AIoT and powerful software solutions,” Randy Chien, President of Innodisk, said. “Innovative solutions like Innodisk’s InnoAGE and DFI’s RemoGuard can bring the future of edge computing to the present, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner for this exciting journey.”

DFI’s RemoGuard is the revolutionary milestone in the future of hardware and software integration. Designed to maximize efficiency in IoT device operations and remote management, meeting challenges in IoT and Industry 4.0, and is applied for industry automation, retail, in-vehicle and surveillance industries, and will bring your ready solutions in IoT.

  • A truly remote management solution
  • Auto Back-Up & OS Recovery
  • Cloud Ready Security
  • Real-time Monitor & SSD Lifespan Prediction
  • With Innodisk’s innoAge and out-of-band (OOB)
  • Intuitive & Flexible Dashboard